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Fees and Schedule for Academic Year 2018 Tuition!

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Tuition services are currently only available in the West side of Singapore (Bukit Batok, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong West, Jurong East, Clementi)

Limited time slots are available for taking on a first come first serve basis, please contact teacher, Mr Tony for a short discussion on the details or request for a free trial lesson (small group tuition) today!

i) Individual 1:1 Tuition (At student’s home)

Lower Secondary Maths : S$50 – S$60

Lower Secondary Science : S$50 – S$60

Upper Secondary E-Maths or A-Maths : S$50 – S$60

Upper Secondary Combined Science, Pure Physics or Pure Chemistry : S$50 – S$60

Actual rate is dependent on student’s location

ii) Small Group Tuition (At Student’s home)

Student can form a study group with friends (Class size of 2 or more to start)

Lower Secondary Maths : S$300/4 lessons

Lower Secondary Science : S$300/4 lessons

Upper Secondary E-Maths or A-Maths : S$300/4 lessons

Upper Secondary Combined Science, Pure Physics or Pure Chemistry : S$300/4 lessons

iii) Small Group Tuition (At Principal Coach’s home)

Lower Secondary Maths : S$300/4 lessons

Lower Secondary Science : S$300/4 lessons

Upper Secondary E-Maths or A-Maths : S$300/4 lessons

Upper Secondary Combined Science, Pure Physics or Pure Chemistry : S$300/4 lessons


2017 fees

Additional Notice

  • The above are tentative schedule subject to changes. Please contact EducationWerkz Teacher, Mr Tony  to find out more
  • The monthly rate quoted above are for 4x 2-hours sessions for each subject.
  • Fee will be pro-rated if the student discontinue in the middle of the month.
  • For small group session, there will be no replacement session if the student miss the group session. This is to ensure the group stay on track according to the lesson plan.

Advantages of ..

One to One Coaching Session

Student get to receives full attention from principal coach to answer any queries he/she has and clear any doubts that is on the mind.
A grade  one to one tuitionmaths and science home tuition

1 ) Tailored tutoring scheme designed for individual learning pace and need
There will be an initial assessment to evaluate the student’s level of understanding in the subject on the first lesson. A learning road map will then be drawn out based on the strength and weakness of the student. Course materials such as workbooks will be selected accordingly to strengthen the weakness. Tuition timeline will follow strictly to the academics requirement of the school  such as upcoming class test or examination in order to produce tangible results.

2) Fortifying tropical concepts
The initial phase of the tuition will structured around visiting the topical theories. Students will be constantly exposed to various questions on the topic of focus to broaden the scope of understanding and clarify any misconception.

3) Pre-examination Intensive drilling
Upon possessing a solid foundation in the subject, the student will be guided to attempt mock examination. Past year school examination papers will also be practiced consistently to build up self confidence and morale before the exam. Students will be taught how to anticipate exam questions through familiarization with examination papers and pen down the key words to score the maximum marks.

Buddy System or Small Group Tuition

Learning with your best friends or buddies can be effective. If you are a group of friends or classmates looking for a coach to guide you at your preferred location, I welcome you to my small group tuition challenge.

thumb up tuitionLearning with my buddiestrusted a graded tuition

As a young adult having gone through the teenager years not that long ago, I recognized that there are students who are not suitable for 1-to-1 tuition simply because they are too shy to ask questions. However when they are with their best friends,  they feel more at ease and more vocal to voice out their thoughts. They also benefit from having the “someone” to ask the questions on their behalf…

There are two categories of unknowns a student can have in class. The first is a known unknown when a student knows what he/she does not understand and it is relatively easy for him/her to find out from the coach. The latter is more grade threatening. It is called the unknown unknowns and this happens when the student does not realize that he/she actually don’t understand a  particular concept. This is can be prevented by having someone else who is aware of this unknown and ask the coach at the benefits of all students.

For the past 8 years,  I had successfully coached many small learning group and saw how these groups can grow faster and in a way more interesting when compared to a 1:1 tuition. I strongly encourage this type of learning while keeping group size small (max 4 to preserve steep learning curve).

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