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Questions and Answers

Q: Will students from different levels be in the same class?

A: No, only students from the same level will be in the same class. Exception for Sec 5 NA and Sec 4 Express taking O-Level examination in the same year

Q: Will students from the same level but different streams (express/normal academic) be in the same class? 
A: No, they will not as their syllabus are different

Q: If my child is attending for e.g. your Mon class, can he join the Wed class from the same level if he/she can’t make it for one of your Mon lessons? 

A: No, this is because classes are taught at different pace to cater to the different learning speed of each class. Therefore, the Mon and Wed classes may not necessarily be taught the same topics in a particular week.

Q: How do you decide on the topics to be taught given that different schools may be teaching different topics at the same time? 
A: It will usually be based on what the majority of the class is learning. Nevertheless, it will be good to learn a new topic before the school teaches them, so as to further reinforce their learning in school.

Q: Is there any book that my child is required to purchase for the tuition? 

A: Yes, EducationWerkz Principal Coach will let parents know the book to be purchased after the commencement of the child’s first tuition lesson.

Q: Are there any material fees in addition to the tuition fees? 

A: Yes, material fees are required for the workbooks and Past Year Exam Papers.

Q: When and how do I make payment for the tuition fees? 

A: Tuition fees are collected at the beginning of every 4 lessons, via cash (enclosed in envelope) or internet banking.

Q: Will fees be charged if my child is unable to attend a lesson? 
A:  Fees will not be charged if a student is unable to attend a lesson. However, it is recommended for students to come for an one-to-one make-up lesson which can be scheduled and subjected to the coach’s availability and based on a private one-to-one tuition rate. This is to ensure that the student can keep up with the pace of the lesson when rejoining the class.

Q: Can I request for extra lessons for my child individually? 

A: Parents can request for extra lessons for the child individually at the student’s home during November and December holidays. This is subject to the Coach’s availability and based on a private one-to-one tuition rate

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