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Welcome to EducationWerkz’s free exam papers section. All resources found here are taken from affiliated webpage,  www.pastyearpaper.com, a free exam papers portal and home tuition agency website co-founded by the same Principle Coach of EducationWerkz. To download the exam papers, just click on the relevant link and it will bring you to PastYearPaper exam bank. Please ensure you have the basic adobe reader to read the PDF files. If you have not install them, you could do so via here.

If you have good test papers from your school that you would like to share with other needy students who cannot afford to buy the expensive assessment books, please email to me directly or upload them on PastYearPaper. The Coach Principle of EducationWerkz sincerely thank all whom help to make exam papers free and accessible for the public.

Elementary & Additional Mathematics

maths exam papers

Secondary 1 Maths , Solution: Maths

Secondary 2 Maths , Solution:Maths

Secondary 3 E-maths, Solution:E-Maths

Secondary 4-5 E-maths, Solution:E-Maths

Secondary 3 A-maths, Solution: A-Maths

Secondary 4 A-maths, Solution: A-Maths

General Science (Secondary 1 & 2)

science exam papers

Secondary 1 Science, Solution: Science

Secondary 2 Science, Solution: Science

Physics (Pure & Combined)

physics exam papers

Secondary 3 Pure Physics, Solution: Pure Physics

Secondary 3 Combined PhysicsSolution: Combined Physics

Secondary 4 Pure Physics, Solution: Pure Physics

Secondary 4-5 Combined Physics, Solution: Combined Physics


Chemistry (Pure & Combined)

chemistry exam papers

Secondary 3 Pure Chemistry, Solution: Pure Chemistry

Secondary 3 Combined Chemistry, Solution: Combined Chemistry

Secondary 4 Pure ChemistrySolution: Pure Chemistry

Secondary 4-5 Combined Chemistry, Solution: Combined Chemistry

Other Level and Subject Exam Papers

More exam papers (primary school and junior college) can be found on www.pastyearpaper.com. Just take 1 minute to create a FREE account on Past Year Paper in order to  have access to these past year papers and solutions. Exam papers are located in the Exam Paper tab while solutions are located in the Restricted Resources tab. Access rights to solution can be gained free if you share Past Year Paper Facebook Page. More information could be found via Past Year Paper General FAQ Section. 

Parenting E-Books

Below are some E-books for parents, students and tutors to download. if you find them really useful for you do share with your friends. Thanks!

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