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A small group Maths and Science Tuition @ Bukit Batok / 1:1 home tuition taught by current MOE Teacher (PDGE trained in N.I.E) who,

  • Has 8 years of active teachings for students who are preparing for the GCE O-Level Examination
  • Possesses repertoire of pedagogical approaches and knowledge in learning psychology, to design effective lesson plan
  • Familiar with the current school syllabus and has access to various school past year exam papers to help students in their course of study
  • Knowledgeable in Secondary School Mathematics and Science to help the student build up the essential problem solving skills
  • Able to simplify complicated Scientific and Mathematical concepts, relating them to students in an interesting and comprehensible way
  • Knows how to use summative assessment and formative assessment methodologies (NIE taught) to steer students towards achieving key learning goals
  • Has been through the same process and gotten straight As and above for all PSLE subjects, A1 for O-Level E-Maths, A-Maths, Pure Biology, Pure Physics, Pure Chemistry and As for A-Level H2 equivalent Mathematics, Physics and Biology

Greater emphasis on a small Student-to-Teacher Ratio
smaller class size educationwerkz

The relation between class size and effectiveness of learning has been a much researched policy around the world and one good paper written by Northwestern University discussed such declining learning efficiency associated with a large class size. Even in Singapore, public education has undergone major reforms to reduce class size for enhanced teacher to student interactions. There is no doubt that students can better focus on questions raised by their peers within a small group and not only does it gives more exposure, a small learning group also inhibits the fear of asking questions. If the group is kept sufficiently small, the child also gets all the necessary attention from the teacher and that is the reason why tuition classes offered by me, as the coach of EducationWerkz has a maximum size of 4 students per class.

4 majors myths about Singapore education

As a parent, it is understandable that you are constantly plagued by worries of your child’s future and would want to provide the best for his/her education. At times you may felt  stressed for falling short of providing these “best” and would question yourself if you have done enough for them. Therefore to better assist you to plan for your child’s future, I would like to discuss and dismiss some widespread myths parents faced about Singapore education system. First and foremost,

Myths 1:

Only students from the top schools are capable of producing excellent grades. It is necessary for me to enroll my child into a top school now so that more opportunities would be made available to him/her in the near future.

Myth debunked!

While it is true in Singapore a decently good grade opens more opportunities, be a applying for a course in a local university or a prestigious job after graduation, there is no direct correlation equating top school = excellent grades. A simple Google search with key words “Top students Neighborhood school” would generate numerous success stories from neighborhood schools all over Singapore.

To share a little of my own experience, I begin my student life in Saint Anthony’s Primary School, from which I left with an aggregate of 237 (3 As and 1 A*). A little unsatisfied but not disheartened, I enrolled next into Bukit Batok Secondary School and graduated with a L1R5 raw score of 8 (6 A1s other than language papers). Although I qualified for one of the top 5 Junior Colleges, I chose to settle down in Jurong Junior College  knowing that in the end it all comes down to the right teacher and self determination. Eventually I attained 3As for the 3 A-level core subjects needed for University courses application and was offered a place in NUS Pharmacy (Although eventually i switched to Chemical Engineering). To sum up, my intention in debunking this myth is to tell you that your child has the equal chances of being successful no matter which school he/she is studying in.

  • moe credential 2v2
  • pharmacyv2
  • psle cert
  • a level cert
  • olevel cert

Myth 2 (from student’s view)

I failed my examination because I am not gifted and I am stupid

Myth debunked!

power of habit educationwerkz

This is the worst excuse we often hear from students failing examination : ” I am stupid !”  Once they have this kind of mindset, they are automatically imprinted with a self defeating attitude in studying. While I strongly believe no students are born stupid, I am certain that there are students who chose to be lazy. As education is viewed more of an obligation by these students, parents need to find the specific cue that will motivate them to seek new knowledge. The cue for every child is different and it could be as simple as a period of free time for the child to indulge in his own hobby. Once the student finds the cue, it will eventually form a routine that leads to the reward. This is called “The Power of Habit” and there have been numerous self improvement books on it. In short, education is a complex learning process which involved not only students, the parents, teachers, home environment, students’ physical & mental conditions do have a part to play as well.

Myth 3

My child has no  intention of being an engineer, teacher, banker and scientists etc, so its okay for him/her to flunk Maths and Science exams

Myth debunked!

maths and science are around you

This is a slippery slope towards a life of excuses and failure. The problem here is that Maths and Sciences are an integral part of our daily lives. For example, a simple compound interest rate topic in E-maths helps to build  the analytical mindset needed for future investments & wealth management. A scientific mindset on the other hand is an asset to improving quality of lives and streamlining various processes in the working society. Students who do not bother to learn about these principles will eventually find themselves being left behind in the “rat race” of Singapore.


Expensive Tutors = Good Tutors

Myth debunked!

While it is true that the knowledge of the tutor is critical, it not the sole trait that determine a good tutor. The ability to teach and relate concepts to students in a way comprehensible are equally important. Everyone can claim to be a tutor but not everyone can teach. Parents are also advised to check the credential of the tutors on the first lesson to ensure whatever that are advertised are true.

Last but not least, I hope the below short video, while it serves as a motivational reminder, it is able to give a better understanding of what makes a good coach/teacher. “A good tutor sees your true capability and bring the best out of you”

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